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An earthquake will open and drain the winze.

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Tornado Count Twisting Off the Chart PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 14 February 2008 10:05

February 13, 2008
Holly Deyo

Normally we see about 1000 tornadoes a year. During 2007, 1,300
twisters ripped through the U.S. This barrage of unrelenting
windstorms plagued the Midwest and rampaged eastward. Then something
new happened: an unheard of twister barreled across Brooklyn, NY.

This year, in a single February night, 68 tornadoes roared through
Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee. At least 58
people died: 32 in Tennessee, 13 in Arkansas, 7 in Kentucky and 6 in
Alabama. This tornado outbreak was the nation's worst in more than
two decades when 76 people were killed in Pennsylvania and Ohio on
May 31, 1985. May, not February. The death toll ranks among the top
15 from tornado outbreaks since 1950. Again, this is tornado off-season.

This very out-of-character wild weather has prompted scientists to
ask if January is the new March.

January 2008 - when it's supposed to be snowing - an unbelievable 136
tornadoes wrecked terrible damage. January usually sees about 34

So far this month, 149 have hit the U.S. which is nearly 500% more
than the ENTIRE month of February should see. You've got to admit
something very different and very dangerous is going on here. At this
vastly accelerated rate, well, who knows how rough this year will be...

Some 285 tornadoes in the first 6 weeks show 2008 is not off to a
good start.



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