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I will say to such, get rich in gold and silver, in houses and lands, in goods and chattels, in flocks and herds, until you possess all you can possibly gain; but let me caution you not to get one cent, unless you get it honestly. And when you have amassed your millions, never allow yourselves to possess one dollar with the belief that you are capable of disposing of it judiciously without wisdom from our God. In all things inquire of the Lord, that you may wisely direct your earthly substance, as well as the energies of your minds, to the building up of His kingdom and the consummation of His purposes pertaining to this world and our salvation.

(Brigham Young J.D. 8:9)

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Warning From Loomis/Fargo Armed Guard PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 16 September 2008 15:47
The following is a post from the SurvivalBlog.com website.  This comes from a man in the know.  Plan accordingly.

Mr. Rawles,

I worked for Loomis/Fargo as an armed security technician. That means I was a member of an armored car crew. We serviced nearly the whole quarter of a certain state [un-named--not my current state of residence]. This included a major US Air Force base.

Once a week we made runs to the area banks to deliver cash. Usually our load [included] 1 to 2 tons of coins.
Cold cash totals were in the 1 to 3 million area each week and sometimes up to 5M seasonally.

Very often we would arrive at a bank and the tellers would say to us, "thank God" you are here! We are down to the last $1,500 or $3,000 in cash. Very frequently the banks on the days of our runs were nearly out of [Federal Reserve Note] bills to service customers.

Just in Time (JIT) inventory systems for WalMart and big box stores are well known. Less known are the JIT deliveries of cash to banks.

The bottom line is that they will run out of cash in a flash if events happen that put people into a panic mode. The Loomis/Fargo company runs regional [statewide] mini Federal Reserve depositories of coins and cash. I have seen bundles of cash in one that would require a U-haul truck to handle.

So, if elements of chaos spread across an area and the natives get to taking charge, then what do you think Loomis/Fargo is going to do about their armored truck runs? Yes, they will cancel them in a hurry.

Fact: Banks do not keep much cash on hand. Projection: The banks will run out of cash in a crisis, so get your cash stash established now.

Personally, I think that if paper money tanks because so much of it is in existence or on a ledger/computer; that eventually coins will have an enhanced value. The government is not mass producing new coins. So include in your stash a substantial amount of quarters and half-dollars.

Potentially, how much money can you put into an automated teller machine (ATM)?: I have put $250,000 a week into an ATM in a large mall in the state where I worked.

On another note: Gas here in western Oklahoma yesterday was still $3.69 in my town and $3.47 on I-40 and Saturday in Oklahoma City it was $3.439. ?


J. in Oklahoma


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