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The Resurrected Joseph Smith PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 28 July 2008 19:44

Many of the early stockholders found faith in the testimony of Parley P. Pratt. He gave an account of an experience regarding the resurrection of the Prophet Joseph Smith and the future role he will play. This may be found in his biography on pages 370-371 as follows:

"As I walked along over the plains of Illinois, lonely and solitary, I reflected as follows: I am now drawing near to the beloved city; in a day or two I shall be there. How shall I meet the sorrowing widows and orphans? How shall I meet the aged and widowed mother of these [116] two martyrs? (Joseph and Hyrum). How shall I meet the entire community bowed down with grief and sorrow unutterable? What shall I say? Or how console and advise twenty five thousand people who will throng about me in tears and in the absence of my president and the older members of the now presiding council, who will ask counsel at my hands? Shall I tell them to fly to the wilderness and deserts? Or, shall I tell them to stay at home and take care of themselves, and continue to build the Temple?

"With these reflections and inquiries, I walked on ward, weighed down as it were, unto death. When I could endure it no longer, I cried out aloud saying: `O Lord! In the name of Jesus Christ I pray Thee, show me what these things mean, and what I shall say to Thy people!' On a sudden, the spirit of God came upon me, and filled my heart with joy and gladness indescribable; while the spirit of revelation glowed in my bosom with as visible a warmth and gladness as if it were fire. The Spirit said unto me: 'Lift up your head and rejoice; for behold' --It is well with my servants Joseph and Hyrum. My servant Joseph still holds the Keys of My Kingdom in this dispensation, and HE SHALL STAND IN DUE TIME ON THE EARTH, IN THE FLESH, AND FULFILL THAT TO WHICH HE IS APPOINTED.

"'Go and say unto my people in Nauvoo, that they shall continue to pursue their daily duties and take care of themselves, and make no movement in Church government to reorganize or alter anything until the return of the remainder of the Quorum of the Twelve. But exhort them that they continue to build the House of the Lord which I have commanded them to build in Nauvoo.'

"This information caused my bosom to burn with joy and gladness and I was comforted above measure; all my sorrow seemed in a moment to be lifted as a burden from my back."



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