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The mine will purchase and reopen the Provo steel plant.

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Dr. De Lynn Hansen - This Story is True! PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 18 August 2008 08:57

This book on the Relief Mine is a compilation of all the things I have found on it to date. The credit of this work goes to those early stories written by Jesse Young, Carter Grant and Claude Weight who all worked with Bishop Koyle in the Relief Mine. Then additional books were done by Norman Pierce and my personal friend Ogden Kraut who wrote two books on the mine and work at the mine under the direction of the bishop.

I have come across new sources of information from a friend who knew Wilma Kunz who was a wife of the property caretaker on the hill. Also, Lynn Bishop, who has kept meticulous records of interviews over the years which adds much valuable information on to this story. Norman Pierce worked at the mine as did his father. He had the deepest desire to see the mine come in during his stay on earth. Over the years, he changed stories to make them fit in with the current days he lived in. Ogden Kraut, Lynn Bishop and others told me the same about him. Norman Pierce's first edition was a 200 page document that was stapled together and was given to various stock holders for free to generate interest in his stock buying and selling schemes. When he saw how well this went over he published an expanded hardback 2nd edition. Most of the old timers considered it a joke. The first book was fairly accurate but slanted against Al Sinclair and the board of directors at the time. Al Sinclair said "It's unfortunate that his book came out just right at this time."

Additionally, I found two thesis written at BYU. Information from these has also been incorporated in my compilation.

I hope that you will enjoy reading this story but more importantly that you will also take the opportunity to get on your knees to know from God himself if this story is true. The witness of the Holy Ghost is more important than anything that can be said here. I bear you my testimony that I personally know without a doubt that this story is true. There may be facts presented here that are incorrect due to the nature of handing down stories and adding to them. Those are the faults of man. I have tried to talk to as many people as I could to hear the story from those that knew the bishop, or went to the Thursday night meetings, so to correct possible mistakes.

If you know of stories about Bishop Koyle or the mine that are not included here, I'd love to hear from you.

Dr. L. De Lynn Hansen / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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