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Economic conditions will be so bad that people will say that the mine has come into production too late to do any good. However, that will not be the case since work will commence in numerous areas of the mine at the same time following the second batch of ore.

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Daren Nuttall - I Felt the Spirit Strongly PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 23 September 2008 12:49

The first time I heard of the Relief Mine was when I was about ten I think. I grew up in a home in Herriman, UT and all our neighbors were members of the Allred Group. My family and I were all raised in the church, and my Dad, without knowing, bought a home surrounded by families who belonged to the Allred Group. Another neighbor we had though was Ken and his family. Ken believed in the fullness of the gospel but he was independent of any group. He would talk and get excited more about freedom and our country than the gospel it seemed at times. But when it came to the Relief Mine that was his very favorite to talk about and most beloved.

He loved John Koyle and his mission even though I don't know if he ever met him. Ken's son was my best friend when I was growing up and I would go to his house and hear Ken talk about the Relief Mine and gospel fullness subjects all the time. His son believed in it and so naturally I did too. But I remember Ken coming to my Dad (my whole family were very good friends with Ken's family) and he brought a book called Bishop John Koyle's Relief Mine by Ogden Kraut and told my Dad all about it and gave the book to my Dad. My Dad said he would read it and see what the spirit told him about it. My Dad being more on the side to do whatever the church says, never took an interest in it. I remember that book sitting on the book shelf in our house and I took an interest and read parts of it and believed it but I was only ten or so, so I forgot about it as the years went by growing up.
It wasn't until I met my cousin's girlfriend and then when my cousin was in Arizona, that his girlfriend and I ran away together and got married when I was 17, that I was introduced to the Relief Mine again.  But this time it was with the full power of the spirit and in more detail of the knowledge and importance. At the time, my wife was the daughter of a fundamentalist Mormon and had been taught from her youth about it and she believed in it and even had her own Relief Mine shares.

My wife and I read Norman Pierce's book, "The Dream Mine" one chapter every night together. When we had read the whole book I felt the spirit very powerfully and knew it was true and that some day it would save my family. So then I called up the Relief Mine and even drove to the Relief Mine but it was hard to get any response.

Finally Homer Harwood invited me to meet at his home one evening and we talked I felt the spirit strongly and I was able to eventually buy 10 shares at $5.00 a share.  And then later 10 more shares at the same price. My wife and I got in an argument over buying the shares because we were very very poor and she wanted me to just wait for a couple of years until we got on our feet to buy them. But I felt strongly we needed to buy them now no matter the sacrifice. She was also worried about what the Bishop of our ward would think if he ever found out. We were working with the Bishop to get married in the Manti Temple. The Bishop was very nice but we weren't going to tell him about it in fear of possible excommunication. So I went and bought them anyway without her agreement and I put them in my name. We suffered financially for it but I know it was worth it. I had to not eat for three days while my baby and my wife ate. I was only making $3.35 per hour back then. We had an apartment and car and bills. The Bishop could help us sometimes with food or money and we were on food stamps too I remember.
I had always wanted and felt strongly by the spirit to get the 80 more shares that I needed to have a hundred shares for my family to be taken care of when the setting in order came but the opportunity never came again, with all my struggles and with all the children and all the many jobs.
Then years later, after I had married and divorced several women along the way, I had married my most recent wife. She found out about me owning the 20 shares and that they were now selling for $25 per share so she got greedy and tried to convince me to sell the shares and pay her debts or to pay my debts with them. When I refused and told her that they are of the Lord and not to be sold and that they will save me and my family when the setting in order came she said she would divorce me every single time I would go to the Relief Mine service projects.
I knew that no matter what I had to work at the Relief Mine and feel the peace and joy of the spirit of the Lord there. I would feel that as though an angel was with me and calm my soul and lift me up in joy. I would go and work at the projects even if I lost my wife through divorce. Then when she found that I went anyway she tried to find my shares when I was gone and told me when I got home that if she finds them she will take them and sell them herself. She didn't realize that she can't because they are in my name. But she didn't care anyway she was going to try. After what she told me then I took my shares and locked them in a paid storage shed that only I had the key to.
By the grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father I was able to purchase the 80 shares later that year from a very dear man at a very reasonable price even though the money cost me some great sacrifices. I borrowed some of the money and I sold some valuables like old wedding rings and tools. I also sold my only car, so that my daughter and I rode our bikes and sometimes walked to work every day for 5 months of winter. I know it was worth it and I hold the shares very dear and precious in my heart.
I hold them dear because I know the Relief Mine will be the Kingdom Of God on earth. It will be the White City. I believe that Bishop Koyle and Joseph Smith will be there as resurrected beings. Only the pure in heart and the righteous can be there. We will be taught new things and we need to be able to accept and change so that we can be there. There will be all kinds of destruction outside of the White City but those who enter will need to be clean and pure of all sins in thoughts and deeds.

We will have the fullness of the gospel again which is united order and celestial plural marriage. We will have temple blessings and priesthood set right again. There will be food enough and money enough and housing and clothes. I don't believe there will be any Babylonish things there like video games, immodest clothing, TV, music, or even candy bars etc.  

We will be taught a new way of life in everything and all things. It will be new or different to us but it will be the way of life that has always been lived by Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, the prophets and the righteous. There will be trials, struggles and hardships for all of us people before the setting in order and even during the setting in order. Every one of us will be tried to the very core before the Millennial reign starts. We might as well start now to work on our anger, our lust for money or sex, our stealing, our jealousies, our selfishness, our immodesty, our bad eating habits, our bad language, our meaness, our yelling, and arguing, and hurting others physically and emotionally.

Everyday try to overcome something more on ourselves even when we are tired or maybe we had a bad day at work or at home. Maybe someone has treated us badly and its hard for us to give love back instead of meanness even if they deserve it. Everyday get back up and repent and try harder again to overcome our bad habits and put good habits in their place.

We have seen and read about what has happened on the Lord's mountain at the Relief Mine in the past. Men and women who came before us and have had not enough love in their hearts to overcome their selfish desires and worldly training. There have been some who have come who were very good and pure. We need that now in our day and more pure love than ever to overcome the evil that so may do.

So say sorry more often and try to mend the wrongs we have done to others and ourselves. When we think about it our Father in Heaven owns everything anyway. The only things we can take from this life is our knowledge, experience and our priesthood garments and temple blessings. So why fight, mourn or fret over money, gold, cars, houses, land, food, clothes, prestige, attention and affection, sex, children, wives, husbands or anything else?

Look what happened to Job in the bible or Joseph Smith. Are we greater than they? The Lord suffered all things and descended below all things and yet He suffered the greatest of all. Are we greater than the Lord? The Lord certainly can take these things away as fast as he gave them and then He can bring them back again just as fast. We need to keep reading the truth of the Gospel in books and the scriptures and make every day one step closer to perfection.
I believe as Ken did that Bishop John Koyle is a prophet. I know that the Relief Mine is everything that Bishop Koyle said it is through Ogden Kraut's books and others books and testimonies. We need to get ready and teach and help every one that we know and each other for the days ahead and the truth of the Relief Mine and most importantly to repent of our sins and to keep the fullness of the gospel so that we can be prepared for the setting in order of the House of God.


Daren Nephi Nuttall



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