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The true use of gold is for paving streets, covering houses and making culinary dishes, and when the Saints shall have preached the gospel, raised grain and built up cities enough, the Lord will open up a way for a supply of gold to the perfect satisfaction of His people. Until that time, let them not be over anxious, for the treasures of the earth are in the Lordís storehouse and He will open the doors thereof when and where He pleases.

(Brigham Young at Home, p. 252.)

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Did the Lord ever help His people with a similar mine? PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 06 February 2008 16:35

In 1896, two years after the first messenger visited John Koyle, Jesse Knight filed a mining claim stating to a friend that he was shown in a dream that he would find a great store of ore. The friend replied, "Humbug!" So that's what Jesse later named one of the richest mines in the Eureka, Utah area.

"In a dream, or vision, there was revealed to Jesse that Utah was for the Mormons; that the doctrines of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints were true; that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God; also, if he went to a certain place (indeliby imprinted on his mind), that he would find a great vein of rich mineral--a mine.

He followed the instructions given him in his dream, which took him to the now well-known Eureka Mining District. Then, way up on the mountain, he found the spot he had seen in his dream, and he uncovered the vein which led to a vast mineral body, which was opened up, only my much hard labor and many vicissitudes." (Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah, p. 8)

But one day Jesse announced to the surprise of his son:

"Will, I want to tell you something. We are going to have...all the money we want, as soon as we are in a position to handle it properly. We will also some day save the credit of the Church." (Towns of Tintic, p.160)

"It was this way in mine after mine with Jesse repeating the performance and pointing the way. Time after time, he pointed to a black wall that showed nothing and said it contained ore. It is a story that cannot be equalled in the history of ming. In Tintic, Jesse Knight was known as "The Mormon Wizard" (Ibid, p.162)

Money piled up in the banks as Jesse uncovered deposit after deposit of silver and lead. His fortune was dedicated to a church, and according to his own prediction, he saved the credit of the Mormon Church. He donated enough money to wipe out over a million dollars of Church debts. Then, almost single-handed, he financed the beginning of the Brigham Young University.


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