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When the time comes for purchasing this land, we will have means. How this means will be brought about it is not for me to say. Perhaps the Lord will open up mines containing gold and silver, or in some other way as seemeth to Him best; wealth will be poured into the laps of the Latter-day Saints till they will scarcely know what to do with it. I will here again prophesy on the strength of former revelation that there are not a people now upon the face of the earth, so rich as the Latter-day Saints will be in a few years to come. Having their millions; therefore they will purchase the land, build up cities, towns, and villages, build a great capital city, at headquarters, in Jackson County, Missouri.

(Orson Pratt J.D. 21:136)

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They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. So how many words is a video clip worth? These short videos are to help you learn about gold mining and other topics relevant to the last days and the mission of the Relief Mine. Please contact us if you think we should add a particular clip.


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4 The Monster Crash Mar 20 2009 6968
5 Documentary on the 1929 Stock Market Crash Oct 01 2008 9066
6 I.O.U.S.A Move Trailer Jul 24 2008 7013
7 Costco & Sam's Club Limit Rice Purchases Apr 26 2008 6428
8 Jim Cramer: "Bear Stearns is Fine!" Apr 17 2008 7695
9 Egypt?s Bread Crisis Apr 10 2008 7442
10 Growing Tent Cities in California Mar 20 2008 6498
11 South Africa gold mine Feb 12 2008 7242
12 How to pan for gold! Feb 06 2008 7070
13 Tour of a foreign gold mine Feb 06 2008 6533

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