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When it is necessary that we should possess gold in great abundance, the Lord will show it to us in vision and we shall not have to prospect and dig to find it, as the wicked have to do. The liberty of the Saints is to possess power with God to open gold mines, when we want gold; to plant and reap in abundance; to heal the sick of our families and to heal our animals that serve us; to elude every snare of the enemy.

(Brigham Young J.D. 10:288)

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The internet may not always be available. If you find websites with helpful information, it may be wise to print it out for future reference. This is a good reason why books are sometimes more useful than electronic documents. The following books are a good place to start.
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1   Link   Financial Armageddon
What is money? Is it the all-too-common dollar bill? Coins made by the U.S. mint? A credit card or checkbook? Our founding fathers did not think so, and unfortunately, we the people have bought into the idea that items other than gold and silver can be used as money. How do we avoid the inevitable and survive the economic collapse that will occur, perhaps in the near future? The answer is simple: we must return to the system of "just weights and measure" as is outlined in the Constitution and the scriptures. This book, a valuable source of information and advice about financial stability, has the answers that can save you in an economic collapse.
2   Link   OgdenKraut.com
Many who are involved in church history know Ogden Kraut and his unique ability to make gospel subjects easy to understand. OgdenKraut.com is now pre-selling the first volume of the complete works of Ogden Kraut. Visit the website to take advantage of this opportunity, or to purchase individual books.
3   Link   Steps Toward the Mark of the Beast
According to the author, Pastor Guest, this book is, "The Christian's Guide to the Coming Cashless / RFID Economic System". He recently appeared as a guest on the TruNews.com audio podcast and seemed quite informed on how this ties into last days events. Learn why businesses, banks, health care, government, consumers, and those in every segment of our economy will embrace the cashless / RFID system. Learn what you must do to prepare for the coming Cashless / RFID economic system.

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